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UpWard Triangle-Soccer
Upward Soccer is more than a game. Your child will have fun learning and improving their skills through Upward Triangle-Soccer. Participating in this program will give your child a chance to experience good sportsmanship on and off the field. The primary focus of Upward Triangle Soccer is to develop the Winner in EVERY child, not just a few. The Upward Soccer promotes salvation, character, and self-esteem.

It will use a curriculum of fun games and challenging experiences to teach
basic soccer skills such as dribbling, shooting and passing. The activities in which the children will participate are designed to develop motor skills, promote physical fitness and create self-confidence as well as develop listening skills.

We believe that this program is a perfect introduction for a child of any ability into the game of soccer. This program will be devoted to the instruction of the players on the fundamentals of soccer within a safe and enjoyable environment. The goal of this program is to introduce new players of the game into the environment, where they will learn to understand and master the foundations of soccer through fun based games. Players, lead by their coach, play organized games together to develop listening skills, balance, ball skills and foot-skills. The objective of this program is to provide young players and their parents with a “pressure free” introduction to the beautiful and simple game of soccer. At this age players should be exposed to soccer by playing simple, fun activities and games that require little to no practice, and a minimal time commitment. This program allows players to discover the game for themselves.
Why Upward Soccer?
Were tomorrow's Champions are made!!!